RAMÓN DO CASAR is a project born on the land of vineyards owned by Ramón González in 2013, a Galician emigrant to Venezuela after whom our brand is named. We are located in the municipality of Prado, belonging to the Council of Castrelo de Miño, in Ourense.

This is how we created our brand

From the very beginning, the project aimed to produce high-quality wines within the framework of Spain’s second oldest Designation of Origin – the Ribeiro DO. Raising the perception of quality and prestige of Galician white wines made in Galicia became one of the company’s key strategic objectives.

To this end, the engineer Pepe Paz designed a 1,000-square-meter winery specialized in white wines and equipped with the latest technology in vacuum pressing and inert gases.

The vineyards cover an area of approximately 20 hectares and they can produce 180 tons of the Treixadura, Albariño and Godello varieties per year.

At the field level, we have been committed from the outset to Integrated Farming, which allows us to focus our work on the land and on the plant itself, ensuring the highest standards of efficiency, specialization and environmental care.



At Ramón do Casar we base all our values on the same ones that made it possible for our founder to emigrate to the other side of the ocean and to achieve, with effort and determination, all his dreams.


From its beginnings, ours has been a traditional, manual, land-based agricultural business. You must prepare the land, plant, wait for the vine to reach maturity, continue to take care of the soil and the plant, and finally harvest its fruit, with or without the help of the weather. The winemaking process also requires patience and care. Only through determination and constant work will you eventually be able to enjoy the success of a great wine.



When you leave your life behind to start from scratch on another continent or when you decide to construct a building on the side of a river to make wine, you are driven by more than the mere survival instinct. All humans have the ability to dream, to envision a better future in the long term. Dreaming is a great driving force for us and we will never give up imagining an exciting future, as our parents did.


When you create a wine project you know from the beginning that you must bring an excellent product to the market. There is no other option to be competitive in the medium and long term. We pursue excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do, from the soil to the bottle. For the production of our range of wines we entrust the oenology work to one of the most recognised and awarded professionals in Spain in recent years: Pablo Estévez.

The history of our labels

How Nobre was born

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